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rite of passage camps for boys


Four weeks NY Summer Camp intended to open the life of each adolescent boy to his sense of meaning and purpose.



At one point in their teens boys crave mentors, role models & heroes beyond their parents.
Specifically male role models that are not the father.

A healthy teenage boy will challenge the 'silverback' physically and mentally.
Don't take it personally - it is a good and healthy process. 

Every rite of passage begins with separation.

As a father:
be present, strong and have the clarity to accept that you won't be number one for some time.

As a mother: let go of your baby boy, with love, trust and respect.

In this time of initiation and transformation your son needs an image or a vision of who he could be in the future, he needs to be inspired to reach for his dreams and achieve great things.

Knowingly or not in this time your son seeks an experienced and trusted adviser to show him how to be a man. 

He will return as a young man.


Individuals from all walks of life send their sons to Wamaloki camps.


Parents like you. Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Non-binary.


Tradies, professionals, office workers, athletes, business people, labourers, artists, soldiers, teachers – from every role in life.


Individuals of all ages, races, faiths, nationalities and creeds.



Phone Number: +1 917 251 0927   /     Email: hello@bonnymorlak.om