" I am a father of two amazing young men.
I am not special and have failed many times, I am divorced twice and was absent at times for work -  and yet these two boys turned out so well.

Hi I am Bonny Morlak

I am supporting the #metoo movement help raising boys towards better men. 
I create rite of passage camps around the archetypes of warrior, magician, lover, king
Providing teen boys with healthy non- toxic masculine role models and mentors.

I remember clearly when my oldest started to wrestle me at the beach and confronted me in powerful debates (that he often won). He revolted against the father. I had seen this before when he was about two. The terrible two are a phase where children understand the separation of self from the mother - a normal and healthy process.

It was frustrating but relatively easy to manage through love and patience.


This new challenge from a teenage boy; however; required me to be fully present with clarity and strength. Most importantly, I needed to be mature enough to not take it personally. I gave it my best shot. The more he separated himself, the more he craved a male role model that was not - never should be - me. He clearly still loved me but now he needed a more - a different perspective.


His best friend 's father, an ex army medic became his role model. He was there for these two 14 y/o boys, told stories, was genuine, shared hero and horror stories and trained martial arts with them...today my son is in the Australian army and just returned from a tour in Afghanistan. W are close and see each other as equals.

My youngest son is five years younger than his brother. When he revolted me in his teens his step dad became his example and role model. Also an absolute legend of a guy, witty, smart, honest and genuinely a great man. I can see a lot of his qualities in my son today.

I am eternally grateful that my sons had a good instinct to find amazing role models and that things turned out the way they did. It was up to me to consciously step aside and to make sure they knew they can always count on me to support them in their decisions and on their path.


Wamaloki is born out of this experience. I speak as a parent to fathers and mothers that want their sons to see masculinity from a different and save vantage point.